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Commercial Transactions

Mr. Freideman has substantial experience in counseling and representing various types of business organizations, including both start-ups and established entities.

He has assisted start-up entities with planning and implementation. His services include advising regarding the most advantageous form of organization and jurisdiction; discussing and negotiating ownership interests, compensation and benefits; preparing and filing the organizational documents and required reports and returns; and ensuring that all other organizational requirements are carried out.

Mr. Freideman has negotiated and prepared the required documentation for numerous commercial transactions including the hiring, retention and termination of employees, consultants and other independent contractors; the formation of joint ventures; and various commercial real estate transactions including purchases, leases, subleases and sales.

Mr. Freideman has brought his estate planning and taxation experience to bear in assisting closely-held business with succession planning, including drafting and negotiating buy-sell agreements and advising regarding insurance and other vehicles for ensuring that the required funding will be available when the time comes to transfer the affected ownership interests.

He has assisted owners in selling their businesses, including planning, negotiation, preparation of the required documents and, where needed, follow-up activities to enforce compliance with the terms of sale.

Mr. Freideman also provides businesses with guidance in such areas as the requirements for operating in multiple jurisdictions, federal and state tax requirements and, for entities operating both in the US and abroad, the applicability of various bilateral tax treaties.

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