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Non-Profit Organizations

Mr. Freidemanís involvement with non-profit organizations dates from the start of his career when, as a member of its Washington counselís office, he was involved in the day-to-day operations and issues of a non-profit membership organization and its tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) affiliate.

Mr. Freideman has assisted in the organization of and has obtained tax-exempt status for numerous non-profit organizations over the course of his career, including publicly-supported charitable relief organizations, membership organizations, educational institutions, support organizations, trade associations and private foundations.

He assists in all aspects of the tax-exemption process, including structuring the form of organization, preparing the exemption application (including the critical narrative statement and demonstration of public support portions), drafting and submitting a memorandum of law to support and speed the application and representing the organization throughout the exemption process.

Mr. Freideman provides general counseling and troubleshooting to exempt organizations on either an as-needed or continuing basis. He has extensive experience in contract negotiation and other operational matters. He assists organizations in such areas as affiliations and joint ventures with for-profit entities, grant proposals and requirements, employment contracts, unrelated trade or business income and annual reporting to IRS and state tax authorities.

Mr. Freideman has considerable experience on both sides of the institution-donor charitable giving equation and assists clients with implementing deferred giving and other fund-raising programs.

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