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Mr. Freideman provides tax planning and return preparation to individuals, entities, trusts and estates. His tax practice has a two-fold objective: to provide his clients with sound tax planning that is consistent with their objectives and, where a dispute has arisen, to represent their interests before the relevant tax authorities. Mr. Freideman represents clients at all levels of IRS review and in negotiating settlements with the IRS.

Mr. Freideman provides income tax planning and counseling and represents individuals in disputed income tax matters. He offers computerized income tax return preparation, including returns involving such matters as multiple jurisdictions, limited partnerships and other investment entities, foreign earned income and income subject to international tax treaties.

If a taxpayer is incapacitated, Mr. Freideman can assist his or her spouse, guardian or conservator in gathering the relevant information and developing a tax strategy and can prepare all returns. He has substantial experience in reconstructing the tax records of and negotiating with the tax authorities regarding incapacitated or deceased taxpayers who have failed to file for a number of years.

In conjunction with his estate planning and probate practice, Mr. Freideman provides clients with strategies for reducing their eventual estate tax burden, both through an estate plan to be implemented at death and, where desired, through the use of lifetime gifting strategies, including tax-favored trusts and the use of the gift tax annual exclusion to shield multi-year gifting of assets with significant appreciation potential.

Mr. Freideman will prepare all tax returns required for the decedent and his or her estate, including the decedentís final federal and state income tax returns, the estateís federal and state income tax returns and the estateís federal and state estate tax returns. His tax counseling to estates and trusts includes advice regarding timing deductible expenses and distributions to beneficiaries to obtain more favorable tax results as well as review and counseling regarding reducing or, where possible, eliminating the effect of generation-skipping taxes.

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